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Colorful Fruits



  • According to specifications 

  • Washed or Unwashed

  • Ready to eat

  • For industry 

 Transport Solutions

  • Strong cooperation with transport partners around the world​


  • Cost efficient options


  • Timely deliveries

  • Road, air & seafreight 



With multiple suppliers in Greece and Italy, we can offer kiwis in multiple sizes and varieties.

Various Berries

Various Berries

Being a difficult fruit to work with, we offer logistics support from farm to end destination.



In any variety and size, we can help you find the pear type that you are looking for.

Image by Julia Zolotova

Exotic Fruits

Depending on your needs, we can find the right exotics for you.



With strawberries being one of the more difficult fruits to handle, we offer the option of arranging the logistics and handling of the strawberries from the farm to the destination of your choice.


Mango (by air)

Mangos found in most supermarkets in Europe are ripened while shipped.


We offer the option of mangoes flown into the destination of your choice, after being naturally ripened. This has a significant impact on the taste of the fruit.

Various Melons

Various Melons

From seedless or fresh-cut to special varieties. From Galia melons to watermelons or  cantaloupes.

Depending on your specifications, we can provide you with the right melon.

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