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Always a Solution, Always Fresh!

Produce Services Europe was founded in 2004 out of a passion for high-quality fresh produce. As a global supplier of fresh vegetables and fruits, we have been the bridge connecting growers with packing companies, fresh processors, wholesalers, and industrial clients.

Our Customer Promise: Always a Solution

We provide our customers with the right fresh produce at the right time. Thanks to our extensive market knowledge and our vast network of growers, we always have a solution, even in urgent situations. Ook als het écht dringend is.

Questions About Our Fresh Produce And Services?

Our vision

At Produce Services Europe, we strive for a world where healthy eating goes hand in hand with delicious flavours and vibrant colors. We are convinced that this is achievable in a cost-efficient manner, with profound respect for the environment.

Our Services: More than Just Deliveries

We are not just a fruit and vegetable supplier; we are your partner in fresh produce. Our team is available 24/7 to provide the right answers to your questions and challenges.

Proactive Solutions:

We exceed your expectations with flexible, tailor-made solutions.

Logistical Reliability:

Your order is always delivered on time, without compromises.

Competitive Prices:

You can be sure of competitive prices without compromising on quality and freshness.

Our Suppliers

In our twenty years of experience we have created an extensive and diverse supplier base in Europe and beyond.

We ensure a sustainable and constant supply of high-quality fresh produce throughout the year.

Our vegetable and fruit suppliers are carefully screened on product quality, professionalism and certification.

If your fruits or vegetables need to meet specific certifications or product requirements, we deliver exactly what you need. Wij leveren exact wat je nodig hebt.

Our Customers

Our customers are packers, fresh processors, retail, wholesalers, catering companies and industry processors. Every FMCG-related company finds a reliable partner for the supply of fresh produce in Produce Services Europe. Elk FMCG-gerelateerd bedrijf vindt in Produce Services Europe een betrouwbare partner voor de levering van verse producten.

At Produce Services Europe, we don't just connect growers with customers;
we create a world of taste, reliability, and long-lasting partnerships.

Why choose Product Services Europe?

At Produce Services Europe, we don’t just connect growers with customers; we create a world of taste, reliability, and long-lasting partnerships.

Market knowledge and dedication:

Our market knowledge and dedicated team guarantee the best products and service.

Transparency and reliability:

We deliver our promises, with clear information about products, availability, and delivery times.

Always a solution:

From specific product requirements to unexpected logistical problems, we always find a solution.

Speed and accessibility:

In a world where speed matters, we provide swift answers and remain always availale.

Curious about how we tailor the delivery of fresh produce 100% to your needs?

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