Global supplier of fresh vegetables and fruit.

Even when speed is of the essence

Thanks to our international network of dedicated growers, you always have the right fresh vegetables and fruits to meet your customers’ needs, anytime, anywhere. Do you have any specific product requirements? Absolutely! We love that. With our years of expertise we know exactly where to go to meet your expectations. Also when speed is of the essence.

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Fresh vegetables and fruit for packers, fresh processors, and industry

Are you in search of a reliable supplier of fresh vegetables and fruit from across Europe? For over two decades, we have been the bridge connecting growers with packing companies, fresh processors, wholesalers, and industrial clients.

You can count on us for supply spanning from greenhouse vegetables and container shipments of potatoes to a varied selection of lettuces for pre-packaging, as well as winter vegetables, and fruit. All fresh from the field and of the highest quality.

Our Guarantees

Reliable Daily Deliveries

We provide you with a consistent flow of vegetables and fruit. Thanks to our extensive network of growers, you are assured of the correct fresh produce that perfectly matches your quality requirements.

Always a Solution

Are unexpected weather condition or logistical issues the cause of a sudden shortage of fresh produce? We will provide a swift solution to keep your operation running.

Specific Product Requirements

Details matter! Do you need vegetables or fruit that must meet specific requirements or certifications? We select the perfect tomato, potato, lettuce or fruit variety matching your demand.

Why choose Product Services Europe?

Extensive network of fruit and vegetable suppliers

For over twenty years, we are maintaining an extensive network of European fruit and vegetable growers. This is your access to a diverse range of fresh products tailored to your needs.

The extra mile for our customers

The dedication of our team combined with our market knowledge is your guarantee of the best fresh products and the best service.

Partnership with complete confidence

We deliver our promise. With our transparent flow of information about our products, availability and delivery times, you know exactly what to expect.

We're up for any challenge, no matter how big

Do you have a very specific request or product requirement? We never say ‘no’. We know our fruit and vegetable suppliers inside out. Hence we know exactly who to turn to in order to meet your request.

If speed is of the essence …

Unexpected logistical issues, a sudden surge in demand for your fresh products… Sometimes, you just need an instant solution. Product Services Europe provides you with the fastest response on the market.

Always available

We totally get how crucial timely deliveries and accurate information are for your business. That’s why we are always available. We take our responsibility as an important key link in your supply chain.

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