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Vegetables and fruit for processors

At Produce Services Europe we have been a processing partner for over 20 years. Your challenges of timely deliveries, clear availabilities and year round supply are known, understood and acted upon. Your specifications and certifications are key. We comply and deliver the expectations from your foodservice or retail customers. For year round contracts, seasonal contract or contingencies, we provide them all!

Our Fresh Produce

Leafy Vegetables Crunchy And Refreshing

The vibrant variety of leafy greens at Produce Services Europe, is available in both organic and conventional. All wholeheads and babyleafs are produced by our dedicated growers. Our extensive range provides a perfect blend of flavours and textures to meet your requirements.

Greenhouse Vegetables Colourful And Tasty

Discover the excellence of greenhouse vegetables at Produce Services Europe, where the trio of tomatoes, capsicums, and cucumbers shines. Whether you prefer organic or conventional, our committed growers tend to all with precision. Our broad range guarantees a tasteful and matching product for your specification.

Outdoor Vegetables Classic And Surprising

If you are looking for root vegetables, onions or cabbages we can provide a variety of all, conventional or organic. Product in raw form or already semi processed, all grown by our dedicated growers. We can add texture and flavours to your mixes.

Fruit Rich In Flavour And Variety

Produce Services Europe offers a wide range of fruits tailored for processors. From top fruit to melons our selection is produced by partner growers, ensuring a diverse palette of flavours and crunch, certainly matching your requirements .

About our services

From our international network of dedicated growers, we select the product that matches seamlessly with your requirements. Our growers are also innovators and will look at any opportunities to grow the varieties or sizes you need.

In our industry, environmental, social, and corporate governance are essential commitments. At Produce Services Europe, we take this very seriously. All our growers contribute, and we proudly state that we can provide products to precisely match the certification your customers require.

Reusable IFCO crates or Europool System boxesfor minimal environmental impact, or cartons that can be recycled, we supply your preference. For bulk products bigbags or bulk trailers are possible.

Our strong partnerships with logistical companies accross Europe and around the world are at your service. Full compliance with all needed documentation, constant contact for accurate delivery times allow us to make your very needed timely deliveries.

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