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Fruit rich in flavour and variety

Produce Services Europe offers a wide range of fruits tailored for processors. From top fruit to melons our selection is produced by partner growers, ensuring a diverse palette of flavours and crunch, certainly matching your requirements.

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A range of varieties, seedless or with seeds, as it fits your production. We can supply ultra firm varieties to help in cut fruit applications. Tell us your specification and we comply.

Cantaloup melons

With a distinct flavour and a deep orange flesh the cantaloup melon adds colour to a lot of mixes. We supply the size you need.

Honeydew melons

This creamy coloured and sweet tasting melon is very appreciated in any melon mix. Let us know what size fits your requirements.

Specialty melons

Melons come in many colours and flavours. From Piel de Sapo and Dolce Passione to speckled melons and ultra-sweet varieties, we have it all.

Top Fruit

Apples and pears come in many varieties. Let us know the colours and varieties you need.

Exotisch Fruit

Op zoek naar exotisch fruit? Vertel ons wat je zoekt en wij gaan voor jou op zoek. We leveren ons exotisch fruit overal in Europa en daarbuiten. Contacteer ons voor meer informatie.

Bij Produce Services Europe staat jouw tevredenheid voorop. Wij beloven niet alleen fruit van topkwaliteit maar ook een service die je verwachtingen overstijgt. Ontvang jouw fruit zoals jij het wilt, klaar om jouw klanten blij te maken.

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